We would like to recognize the many people who have worked hard to help our foundation and the students we serve.”

Financial Donors

• Nelle Ara-Robinson • Dr. Terri Borton • Larry Chapman • Jack S. Dybalski • Darice Grzybowski • Brenda Hurley • Corey Kraus • Levine Foundation: ($5000) • Bob McCoy • Rich Moore • Karen Roche • Sandra Routhier • Robin Smith • Jeffery Tytel

Foundation and Gift in Kind Donors:

Rosario Ayabar (Video Animation Services)

Greg Bizarro, President Jaffe Film (Videography Services)

Ken Buckman, CEO TradeTec-Skyline (Display, Shipping, and Backdrops)

Center for Creative Arts Therapy

Darice Grzybowski, (Marketing/Management Services)

Matt Kerr

Michael Lis

Lauren Ritchie

Annivar Salgado

Synapse Publishing & Entertainment

Walsh Communications, Inc.


Other Volunteers:

Patricia Borcz

Marlena Cannon

Kathleen Gallagher

Louisa Hayward

Adina Lebowitz

Elaine Riggs

Jeff Tytel

We thank all the additional donors, sponsors, board members, advisors, and volunteers who have contributed greatly to the Music Over Miles mission, but have chosen to remain anonymous. For those corporations who have also given generously – we thank you and ask our supporters to patronize your businesses.


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