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Music Over Miles Testimonial

Testimonial: High School Educator and Foundation Advocate
“As a veteran high school English teacher, and later as a resource teacher for primary grades in the Miami Public School System, I observed the enrichment in children whose lives included the arts, especially music. Not only did they tend to excel in the classroom, but they also seemed to “grow” as people who appreciated themselves as creators, and appreciated the world around them for the ear/eye it lent to their artistry. What a positive way to learn and to live, embracing the ability to create!! Schools and teachers all over the country will really welcome a program like Music Over Miles where the students could be exposed to professionals in the music business since so many programs are underfunded in the arts, and music is so important to the lives of so many individuals. I encourage everyone to support this foundation, as it places artistic opportunities in the forefront and available to all students, regardless of career-path, inspire them to hold on to their music as a hobby or supplement to their vocations, adding quality of life. Through these students, we can perpetuate love of the arts in future generations. “ Patricia Borcz – Destin, FL – 2017

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